Below is the current course information for all upcoming Reitz Ranch Center for Ceramic Arts workshops. We’re thrilled to share our lineup with you in anticipation of a season packed with creativity, energy, new ideas, and new opportunities.

This is someone with little or no clay experience.  You might have taken a few classes, but it was years ago. This is someone with little understanding of the difference between coil build, slab building, building with molds, or throwing on the wheel.

This is someone who has taken several clay classes. You feel comfortable enough in clay to be able to make basic forms.  Someone who has some knowledge of clay related terminology but is looking to have a better understanding. You’re comfortable working independently.

Someone who has taken several clay classes within the past several years. You feel confident working with clay but are looking to expand your knowledge and skill set.  This is someone who is confident working independently.


The Art of Glazing with Mike Upp

    We’re bringing back Mike’s popular workshop to the Ranch for you on Saturday, May 20th from 9am to 4pm. In this workshop, we will cover everything from application techniques, to testing and tracking results so you can recreate your successful experiments consistently.The majority of ideas and techniques will apply to Cone 10 as well as Cone 6 glazes.
    • This is definitely not technical workshop. It is designed to get people excited and positive about glazing.  A major focus of the workshop is to demonstrate a wide variety of glaze techniques.

 Our primary focus is hands-on work – applying some of the techniques learned in the workshop on your own pieces.

Here are some of the topics we will cover:

  • How to modify your glazes
  • Slips, engobes and washes to increase your palette
  • Combining glazes to create new colors and effects
  • Glaze applications techniques
  • Measuring a glaze’s Specific Gravity for repeatable results
  • Overview of glaze faults & how to resolve them…. and more!


(Saucers or bowls preferred.)

Reitz Ranch Cancellation Policy

– RR will offer a full refund of registration/workshop fees if cancellation is made at least ONE WEEK in advance of workshop.

– If cancellation occurs less than ONE WEEK prior to the start of the workshop, participant will forfeit 50% of the total workshop fee, or, at the request of participant RR may credit the total amount to be used on alternative class/workshop at a later date.

– If cancellation or no-show occurs once the workshop has commenced RR reserves the right to withhold all Fees paid by participant. However, RR understands that extenuating circumstances may occur and will make every effort to take these into consideration. In some cases, participant may be eligible to receive a partial or full credit towards another workshop.

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