Matt Long & Tom Coleman: Better Together Workshop

Matt Long & Tom Coleman: Better Together Workshop

February 3-7, 2019: 10:00am – 3:30pm
$750.00 Nonmembers (includes 5 meals)
$675.00 Members (includes 5 meals)
$600.00 Students* (no meals included)

Current Student ID required at beginning of workshop

This course is all about making and altering porcelain pots on the wheel. Our concentration will cover function, technique, comfort, aesthetics, and self-expression. We will also be working on creating line and gesture in the surface in a myriad of ways including the use of a thick slip. We will be firing work in the soda kiln, which will include lecture and demonstration in this hands-on workshop! We will be making pots daily, having a discussion on what makes a good pot, as we begin to explore the gestural qualities of porcelain. There will be one soda firing, which means that you will have many pots that do not get soda fired. These pieces will be bisque fired for you to take home.

All students should have some experience with clay and be able to throw pots. (Intermediate throwing ability)

The throwing demonstrations will concentrate on exploring the gestural qualities of porcelain through functional pottery. I will also be making work that is thrown and immediately altered off the wheel. Through the exploration of line and gesture, I have been working with a thick slip as a way to express yet another kind of line that highlights the material in a different way.

It is this exploration of line, gesture and movement that continues to captivate me as I continue to express those gestural qualities that are inherent in the material.

We will cover many areas of pot making, including functional and aesthetic choices that lead to a better understanding of material, and the generation of new ideas and processes.

Over the past 24 years I have concentrated on atmospheric firing, specifically the soda fire process. As a group, we will glaze, load and fire the soda kiln.

This part of the workshop will be an intensive “hands on” look at the entire process of glazing, loading, firing and kiln design. We will also go into the how’s and why’s of the soda process.

Workshop includes:

  • 5 lunches provided by Jerona Cafe
  • Soda firing of 10 bisqued pots. (See “What you need to bring:” below)
  • 25 lbs of clay

What you need to bring:

For the firing, you should bring with you 10 bisqued pots from home. These pots must be cone 10 clay!! If you’re not sure, leave it at home!

The best scenario is that you bring cups, small bowls, small jars, etc. There should be nothing over 12” tall or more than 8” wide if it is bigger than these dimensions it will not get fired. NO PLATES!!

For making work, you should bring with you the tools you use at home to make pots, along with some brushes that are 2”-6” wide.