Magda Gluszek: 5 Day Figure Building Workshop

Magda Gluszek: 5 Day Figure Building Workshop

April 13 – 17, 2020: 10:00am – 4:30pm
$495.00 Nonmembers (includes 5 meals) : Early Bird Price $455 (Until Feb. 8, 2020)
$445.00 Members (includes 5 meals) : Early Bird Price $405 (Until Feb. 8, 2020)
$396.00 Students (no meals included): Early Bird Price $355 (Until Feb. 8, 2020)

*Current Student ID must be presented at beginning of workshop. Student must be enrolled for 6 or more credit hours for discount. All students are requested to volunteer 2 hours before or after the workshop for the Reitz Ranch. Questions please email: admin@reitzranch.org

The human figure has endless potential for narrative and emotional expression. Bodies are complex structures, but we will approach them with a simple building technique that anyone can master. During this workshop students will produce one full-figure sculpture with a solid building technique, which they will learn to hollow and re-assemble. Basic proportions and anatomy will be demonstrated, as will the use of a simple armature. 

 Magda will demonstrate a solid construction technique in clay, which will allow for the greatest flexibility to change our poses as we build.  Magda will also demonstrate hollowing the figures out, so that you can complete the hollowing process on your own.

Small maquette studies will be created and used for inspiration. Scale of sculptures will be limited to 24” in one direction to provide enough time for detailing. Bring visual inspiration to class in the form of images/sketches. All skill levels are welcome.


Workshop includes:

  • 5 lunches provided
  • 50 lbs of clay

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Recommended tools

Tools/materials for participants:


  • Students should bring a couple of basic wooden sculpting tools with which they are most comfortable. I suggest Kemper JA17 wooden sculpting tool (or something similar)
  • A cheap plastic putty knife 1.5” wide:
  • A wire tool
  • A scoring tool (or needle tool)
  • Plastic to cover work
  • Spray bottle to wet down work
  • apron
  • a few cheap paint brushes for detail work/slipping and scoring
  • at least 10 wooden Barbeque skewers
  • 2  wooden dowels (1/4” diameter), 24” length 
  • wooden board, approx. 24” x 15”
  • sketchbook with inspirational images/sketches
  • Banding wheel (that is strong enough to support up to 50 lbs of material; $10 option available at Lowes Hardware)
Kemper Sculpting Tool JA17
Plastic putty knife 1.5”

Hollowing Tools:


(some students may not be ready to hollow during the workshop and may wish to complete that process on their own after the demonstration)

  • Small buckets for collecting clay scraps during hollowing
  • A piece of foam (like an egg crate) for laying sculpture on while hollowing
  • A trim/ribbon tool for carving out sculptures


Optional tools and materials:

  • Free-standing mirror
A trim/ribbon tool for carving out sculptures: