Oxidation Glazing & Soda Firing Workshop

Oxidation Glazing & Soda Firing Workshop with Jason Bohnert

May 24-25, 2019: 10:00am – 3:00pm
Kiln Unloading June 1st @ 10:00 am
$235.00 Nonmembers (includes 2 meals)
$210.00 Members (includes 2 meals)

In this workshop, students will learn glazing and decorating methods for soda kiln firing that enhance form and surface through demonstrations, lectures, and hands on practice. Students should arrive with bisque pots ready for glazing and decorating. They will then use specific glazes, intended for an oxidized/neutral soda kiln atmosphere. The methods are intended to yield vivid cobalt and copper glazes with interesting crystal formations from slow cooling, along with flashing and carbon trapping on the exposed clay body. Porcelain or white/light stoneware clays are recommended.

During the firing, Jason will also discuss forms and surface characteristics that lend themselves to this firing atmosphere, and will demonstrate his making process during the firing. Firing methods will include recipes and methods for introducing dry soda ash with wood, creating long flames to transport and disperse the soda ash and create carbon trapping.

All skill levels are encouraged and welcomed. An inquisitive and curious attitude and a love for working in clay is all that is required.

Day 1:

  • Glazing Lecture
  • Glaze Pots
  • Load Kiln

Day 2:

  • Fire Kiln (Spray Soda)
  • Jason Bohnert demo making pots

Unload June 1st @ 10:00 AM

Workshop includes:

  • Lunches provided
  • Soda firing of 10 bisqued pots (2 cubic feet).
What To Bring?

For the firing, you should bring with you 10 bisqued pots from home. These pots must be cone 10 clay!! If you’re not sure, leave it at home!

The best scenario is that you bring cups, small bowls, small jars, etc. There should be nothing over 12” tall or more than 8” wide if it is bigger than these dimensions it will not get fired. NO PLATES!!

Reitz Ranch Cancellation Policy

– RR will offer a full refund of registration/workshop fees if cancellation is made at least ONE WEEK in advance of workshop.

– If cancellation occurs less than ONE WEEK prior to the start of the workshop, participant will forfeit 50% of the total workshop fee, or, at the request of participant RR may credit the total amount to be used on alternative class/workshop at a later date.

– If cancellation or no-show occurs once the workshop has commenced RR reserves the right to withhold all Fees paid by participant. However, RR understands that extenuating circumstances may occur and will make every effort to take these into consideration. In some cases, participant may be eligible to receive a partial or full credit towards another workshop.