Magda Gluszek: Workshop Tools

Required tools for Magda Workshop


Prior to the workshop, students should construct a simple armature with the following materials:

  • Floor flange and threaded metal pipe. These can be purchased in the plumbing department of any major hardware store. Type of metal is not important. The diameter of the pipe is not important, as long as it fits the flange. The pipe should be at least 6” long.
  • Wooden board for mounting floor flange. The board should be at least ¾” thick and at least 12” x 12” (Specific dimensions are not important)
  • 4 wood screws ½” long, for mounting flange to board
Floor flange and pipe
Image of armature after assembly

Recommended tools

Tools/materials for participants:


  • Students should bring a couple of basic wooden sculpting tools with which they are most comfortable. I suggest Kemper JA17 wooden sculpting tool (or something similar)
  • A cheap plastic putty knife 1.5” wide:
  • A wire tool
  • A scoring tool (or needle tool)
  • Plastic to cover work
  • Spray bottle to wet down work
  • apron
  • several sheets of scrap newspaper
  • masking tape
Kemper Sculpting Tool JA17
Plastic putty knife 1.5”

Hollowing Tools:


(some students may not be ready to hollow during the workshop and may wish to complete that process on their own after the demonstration)

  • Small buckets for collecting clay scraps during hollowing
  • A piece of foam (like an egg crate) for laying sculpture on while hollowing


Optional tools and materials:


  • Banding wheel (that is strong enough to support up to 25 lbs of material)
  • Free-standing mirror
  • Students are welcome to bring sketchbooks with ideas and figurative
  • imagery that they find inspiring
A trim/ribbon tool for carving out sculptures: