Residency About

The Reitz Ranch Center for Ceramic Arts Artist Residency Program is designed to encourage the creative, intellectual and personal growth of emerging and established ceramic artists. This program is an ideal opportunity for a developing artist who is looking for a place to pursue focused work while gaining teaching experience and valuable technical skills. The selections are based on the quality and artistic merit of the work, and the diversity of the prospective group in terms of commitment, work, background, and stage of career development. There are two long-term residents at a time and several visiting residency artist opportunities. Residencies range from two weeks to two years. Applications are currently being accepted for visiting residency artists.

What you can expect from us:

  • Shared studio space of approximately 200 square feet

  • $100 monthly stipend in materials and firings, unlimited reclaimed clay as is available

  • 24 hr access to all facilities

  • Teaching opportunities with competitive pay

  • Retail work opportunities with competitive pay at Boxcar Clay
  • Ongoing efforts to introduce and help build relationships between Residents and prominent artistic figures in the Verde Valley.

  • Help in Residents achieving their professional goals within the scope of the Residency and to the best of our abilities.

What we can expect from you:

  • 20 hrs per week of active studio time, in the pursuit of Resident goals

  • 20 Resident Hours per week (outlined in Handbook)

  • An instructor for adult, kids, and outreach classes offered at RR and (possibly) Boxcar Clay

  • Bring unique perspectives and experiences to RR and Boxcar Clay through engagement with students, visitors, and events

  • Strongly encouraged to participate in the making and donating of works for our annual fundraiser

  • Donate a quality bisque piece, representative of your time as a resident, to the RR permanent collection

  • An introduction of yourself and your artwork to the community in the form of a Public Artist Talk / Visual Presentation to be held in October following your arrival, as well as a advertised final sale of any of your work you choose at the end of your residency.

For more detailed information on experience, expectations and requirements of a Reitz Ranch Resident Artist, please download and read a copy of the Resident Artist Handbook prior to applying for this residency.

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What does shared studio space mean?  Residents will be assigned a shared studio in building adjacent to main facilities. Two Residents per shared space, which is approximately 200 square feet in size, with basic studio furniture, including a table and shelving for personal use.

Do you provide equipment for Resident Studios? Resident Studios have basic studio furniture, including a canvas covered table and shelving for personal use. There will be a wheel available to anyone needing one. Residents are expected to provide personal supplies and tools including specialty tools (sculpture stands, etc.) for your personal use only. Please inquire if there’s something special you need.

What do you provide in the main communal studio space?
Our main studio space includes large working tables, a Bailey slab roller, Brent & Shimpo electric wheels, a Lockerbie kick wheel, North Star extruder, Soldner Clay Mixer, a Bailey Pug Mill & a variety of studio tools,.

What kind of kilns do you have?
Skutt 1227 computerized electric kiln, rated to cone 10;  rated to cone 10;  Gas fired soda kiln (approx 17 cubic feet); Geil downdraft gas reduction kiln (approx. 16 cubic feet); a Cooperworks gas kiln (approx. 36 cubic feet; a large Raku Kiln, 3 woodfired kilns – a sprung arch, a Train kiln and the “Reitzagama” a 14″ x 5″x 5″ anagama kiln, and a Matt Long designed cross-draft Soda Kiln.

What about housing?  For on-site residency we have an older Airstream that has been converted to small apartment of sorts with a queen sized bed, small stove and sink and a bathroom with commode and shower.

What is the cost of living in Clarkdale? The Verde Valley has become, unfortunately, very expensive. Some residents work other jobs during their residency to make ends meet. Housing can be expensive and difficult to find, especially if you are coming with a pet. Shared housing is often the most cost-effective option.