Raku Firing


Join us for raku-firing! This public event showcases the art of raku, a ceramic firing process in which red-hot ceramic pieces come out of a special kiln and go directly into a container of combustible materials. The heat of the ceramic causes the material to ignite and the resulting smoke creates one-of-a-kind results in the ceramic glaze. It’s amazing to watch! For the more adventurous, there will be opportunities to participate. Beginners will be able to purchase pre-made pieces to glaze and have fired the day of the event, and Reitz Ranch Center for Ceramic Arts students/members will be able to fire their own work made at the Ranch. Raku firing is open to the public and will be led by the Ranch’s artist-in-residence Grayson Fair. Register for a time slot below.

Option One: Watching
Want to see for yourself? Everyone is welcome to watch the action as multiple raku firings take place throughout the day. Watching, and learning is FREE!

Option Two: Glazing
Excited to try it, but a total beginner? No problem! Purchase a pre-made piece, apply glaze just like you would paint, and our artists will fire your work. It takes 2 hours from glazing to amazing (you may leave and return later to pick up your work). No reservations required.

  • Medium Pot: $40

Option Three: Member Special
Have your own ceramic work already made that you want to raku fire? Grayson will fire them during the event for $5 each. No reservations required. Note: to ensure proper firing, pieces must be made with stoneware clay purchased from Reitz Ranch.


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Time slot/Pieces

12:00 PM Bring Your Own Pot, 12:00 PM Medium Piece, 2:00 PM Bring Your Own Pot, 2:00 PM Medium Piece, 4:00 PM Bring Your Own Pot, 4:00 PM Medium Piece