Intermediate Membership


This is for the second tier of membership. The intermediate membership charges cover studio usage (lights on, air/heat, water, etc.)  along with the use of the slab rollers, spray booth, pottery wheels, any other tools supplied by the studio as well as house glazes and firings. 

Intermediate Membership tier is $69.95 a month.  It includes all of the above-mentioned items along with:

  • Full studio use
  • 50 lbs of stoneware clay per month or *NEW 2019 25lbs of porcelain per month*
  • All house glazes and firings
  • Full shelf space

Additional clay is available at $25 per 25 lbs stoneware clay or $50 per 25 lbs of porcelain.  That covers the clay, house glazes and all firings, just like your base amount of clay and monthly dues.

*Please note only 25lbs of clay will carry over per month.