Open Studio & Memberships

Our studio is located in the historic ranch bunkhouse.  There are two reasons for calling it historic: The foyer area was actually used as a bunkhouse for cattlemen moving their herds in the late 1800’s, and – of course – this is the area where Don Reitz created his work.  Some of the tools we use were his and we still have access to all of his CDs, if you truly want to completely immerse yourself in his aura!

The “pardon our dust” disclaimer: Please be aware that we are still working on creating the optimal space for our members.  Right now members will be working in the finished classroom area that will be separate from the members area once we get everything done.  But the studio is fully operational, if a little messy…..



There are three tiers of membership.  These charges cover studio usage (lights on, air/heat, water, insurance, mortgage, blah blah blah.)  along with use of the slab rollers, spray booth, pottery wheels, any other tools supplied by the studio as well as house glazes and firings.  The tiers are created around the amount of clay used equaling the amount of usage over a month.

The first tier is $29.95 a month.  It includes all of the above-mentioned items along with 12.5 lbs of clay per month (which can be taken as a full 25 lbs every other month) all house glazes and firings.  A shared shelf space will be available for your storage.

The second tier is $69.95 a month.  It also includes full studio use along with 50 lbs of clay per month with all house glazes and firings.  A full shelf space, and retail area display with web site retail space – a photography booth/ lighting is kept at the studio for your use as well.

The third tier is $119.95 a month.  It includes all of that which the second tier is offered, along with 125 lbs of clay per month, glazes and firings.  You will have your own URL to your work on the retail web space, sponsorship in shows by Reitz Ranch, a tent, money transaction assistance and transport, set up/take down help if available.


Additional clay is available at $50 per 25 lbs.  That covers the clay, house glazes and all firings, just like your base amount of clay and monthly dues.


Wood and soda/salt firings may be offered at an additional charge.


Members can take classes at a 10% discount.


I hope this is clear and I welcome questions.  Most of all, I welcome you to a new studio and community!