February Weekend Woodfiring

February Weekend Woodfiring

Instructor: Grayson Fair
February 28 – March 1, 2020
9:00 am – End of Firing
$198 (Member)
$220  (Non-Member)

Join us to fire the Reitz Ranch Sprung Arch Kiln, while you share and learn from each other with discussions of fire and fun. Participants are encouraged to bring up to 4 cu ft of high-fire, bisqued pots for the kiln firing (Grayson will work to get every piece in, however, due to every kiln loading being unique, some works may not get into the kiln). Our mantra is “Tall and thin, gets in”, so use this while selecting works. We will then prepare wares for the wood kiln with slip, glaze, and wadding. Everyone will have the opportunity to assist with the kiln loading beginning at 9:00 a.m. on the 28th.  Each person is encouraged to sign up for a 4-6 hour monitored shift during the firing, and we’ll wrap up the firing on Sunday March 1. 

Discussions include clay bodies, types of wood, cleaning pots, and the hows, whats, and whys of wood firing. No prior wood firing experience necessary, open to all skill levels. 

(Optional) Thursday, 11:00 AM Day 1: Introduction to kiln, making wadding, slips and glazing for a wood kiln.

Friday, 8:00 AM Day 2: Loading the kiln. Everyone will get a chance to load the kiln. Brick up door.  Candle overnight.

Saturday, Day 3: Begin firing.

Sunday, Day 4: Finish 48 hour firing.

We will unload: TBD


Some tips and what to bring...
  • For firing, clothing should be of natural fibers (cotton, wool,) with long sleeves if you’re working the kiln
  • Leave jewelry at home, especially rings, bracelets or watches
  • If your hair is long, bring a tie-back
  • Bring your curiosity and a sense of humor!
About Grayson Fair

Grayson Fair is an artist-in-residence living and working at Reitz Ranch Center for Ceramic Arts in Clarkdale, Arizona. He attended the University of North Texas and received his Bachelors of Fine Arts in 2016. He studied sculpture, drawing, fibers, and majored in ceramics. He makes a variety of functional pottery as well as conceptual sculptural work. Most of his work is wood-fired, a process of firing a kiln exclusively with wood. This leaves drastic effects on his surfaces from the path of the flame as well as the ash deposited. Grason recently moved from Taos, New Mexico where he spent a year as an Artist-in-residence at Taos Clay.


If you’re having trouble registering please call 602-882-8553.  Phone reception can be spotty out here at the ranch, so be sure to leave a message if you don’t get an answer. You can text to that number as well or fill out the form below.