First Friday Raku Firing

First Friday Raku Firing

Instructor: Grayson Fair
First Friday of Each Month
Time Slots:
4:00-6:00 **Timeslot Not Available 3/6 (Members Party)
$5.00/ piece (Pay upon arival)
$40.00 / pre-made piece  (Pay upon arival)

Join us for raku-firing! This public event showcases the art of raku, a ceramic firing process in which red-hot ceramic pieces come out of a special kiln and go directly into a container of combustible materials. The heat of the ceramic causes the material to ignite and the resulting smoke creates one-of-a-kind results in the ceramic glaze. It’s amazing to watch! For the more adventurous, there will be opportunities to participate. Beginners will be able to purchase pre-made pieces to glaze and have fired the day of the event, and Reitz Ranch Center for Ceramic Arts students/members will be able to fire their own work made at the Ranch. Raku firing is open to the public and will be led by the Ranch’s artist-in-residence Grayson Fair. Register for a time slot below.

Option One: Watching
Want to see for yourself? Everyone is welcome to watch the action as multiple raku firings take place throughout the day. Watching, and learning is FREE!

Option Two: Glazing 
Excited to try it, but a total beginner? No problem! Purchase a pre-made piece, apply glaze just like you would paint, and our artists will fire your work. It takes 2 hours from glazing to amazing (you may leave and return later to pick up your work). Time Slot pre-registration required.

Medium Pot: $40

Option Three: B.Y.O.P. (Bring Your Own Pot)
Have your own ceramic work already made that you want to raku fire? Grayson will fire them during the event for $5 each. Time Slot pre-registration required. Note: to ensure proper firing, pieces must be made with stoneware clay purchased from Reitz Ranch.

Pre-Register For Time Slot (Payment for pieces required upon arrival)

Some tips and what to bring...
  • For firing, clothing should be of natural fibers (cotton, wool,) with long sleeves if you’re working the kiln
  • Leave jewelry at home, especially rings, bracelets or watches
  • If your hair is long, bring a tie-back
  • Bring your curiosity and a sense of humor!
About Grayson Fair

Grayson Fair is an artist-in-residence living and working at Reitz Ranch Center for Ceramic Arts in Clarkdale, Arizona. He attended the University of North Texas and received his Bachelors of Fine Arts in 2016. He studied sculpture, drawing, fibers, and majored in ceramics. He makes a variety of functional pottery as well as conceptual sculptural work. Most of his work is wood-fired, a process of firing a kiln exclusively with wood. This leaves drastic effects on his surfaces from the path of the flame as well as the ash deposited. Grason recently moved from Taos, New Mexico where he spent a year as an Artist-in-residence at Taos Clay.


If you’re having trouble registering please call 602-882-8553.  Phone reception can be spotty out here at the ranch, so be sure to leave a message if you don’t get an answer. You can text to that number as well or fill out the form below.