Special Topic Demo – Reynolds Products

Special Topic Demo – Reynolds Products

Instructor: Niki Williams
August 8, 2019
Thursday, 10:00am – 12:30pm


Reynolds Advanced Materials offers no-cost mold making and casting seminars to select colleges & universities.

Students will be introduced to a new world of material possibility and how rubbers, plastics, foams, gypsums, etc. are used for a variety of applications including:

• Reproducing Sculpture • Casting Concrete • Prototype Model Making • Theatrical Props • Architectural Restoration • Life Casting • Robotics • Medical • Toy Making • Military • Movie Special Effects • Culinary • Casting Wax • 3D Printing

We come to your school to give hands-on demonstrations and instruction in a two hour presentation.

Students learn about mold making, casting, proper usage and much more.

Colleges / Universities that regularly participate in our program include:

• University of Illinois • DePaul University • Pratt Institute • University of Texas • California State • Harvard • M.I.T. • Syracuse University • Wake Forest • UMass • University of North Carolina • Drexel • Yale • EI School of Professional Makeup • Stanford • Columbia • Rhode Island School of Design • UConn • Art Institute of Hollywood • NYU • Wentworth Institute of Technology